dunn-geoffrey-0418-editI am an accomplished professional photographer, based in Los Angeles. My passion for storytelling with a camera began at the age of 13, with my first real camera, a Minolta SRT-101. Over a 25-year career, I have worked professionally in many creative fields, exploring the myriad ways to create and share a story. As a writer, director, producer, and actor, my independent film projects have ranged from science fiction actioners to large-scale period films, as well as music videos, documentaries, and hard-hitting political thrillers. I have created corporate and commercial content, both for broadcast as well as streaming content.

I approach headshot and portrait photography from the unique perspective of working on both sides of the lens. I utilize my directing and acting experience to create a dynamic, inspiring, low stress yet highly creative environment that inspires the very best in my clients.

I have served as Director of Photography and camera operator on over 30 series, both network and cable, including the Emmy Award winning season of The Amazing Race for NBC.  My still photography has appeared in numerous publications, catalogues, websites, and professional portfolios.

My independent film projects have garnered awards at major film festivals, including several wins at the Worldfest International Film Festival, and the coveted Cine-Golden Eagle Award.  I served as Executive Producer, writer, and show creator (partnered with Nick Nolte and his company, Kingsgate Films) on the television documentary: On Killing. I spent several years in media intelligence, serving most of the major and mini-major motion picture studios.

I am a classically trained actor, with numerous stage and screen credits, (Army of Darkness, Hook) and a graduate of Northwestern University’s Theatre Arts / Radio Television and Film Intensive Program.  Union associations include SAG, AEA, and AFM.

With all that experience and expertise, why would I want to shoot actor headshots and portraits?  The answer is: this is one of the few storytelling mediums where you answer to no one but the client, and your own creative integrity. No studio, no Executive Producers, no suit with a budget and an agenda. I get to serve my fellow artists in an intimate, powerfully connected way, and the results are immediate and profound. Excellence thrives in such a space.