I avoid heavy retouching, unless we’re creating a glamour shot or the client requests a specific look. Even then, the goal is still to gently enhance, not substantially alter, the original shot.   High quality digital photography captures everything, mercilessly. When an actor walks into an audition, or appears on screen, the viewer doesn’t have the opportunity to scrutinize the performer’s face for minutes, as they do with a still image. The goal is to lend a shot a gentle, helping hand, with as light a touch as possible. Bottom line, a camera, no matter how high quality, is just a picture-making box. It requires and artist’s interpretation.

These before and after shots represent “light retouching”, as I perform on most actor headhsots for men and women.  Each shot is accessed according to it’s needs and clients’ desires, but this service generally includes optimizing technical elements, color balance, saturation, skin tones, black and white levels, as well as light facial work, teeth whitening,  eye whitening,  sharpening and subtle enhancing, stray hair and blemish removal, under eye and line softening, cropping to 8 by 10.  Light retouching for clients is $20.00 per image.  If you choose 5 or more shots to retouch, that is reduced to $15.00 per image.  If you have shots you’d like retouched from other photographers, the cost is $40.00 per image.