Why shoot with me?

A single casting call receives an average of 1,500 submissions. For one role. How do you stand apart, stand out, and get called in? You have a headshot that makes the Casting Director want to meet you. Your shot conveys your competence, your intelligence, and your unique talent. How do you get a shot of that caliber? That’s where I come in.

  • I am an actor. I have been right where you are, spending my hard earned money to get a headshot that will create opportunities.
  • I speak the language of acting, not simply “turn your head this way, chin down,” but rather how to collaborate, listen, help you relax, get in, get focused and get results.
  • I understand your likely concerns coming into a session, and what you need to leave with—an effective tool to deliver the essence of what you offer as an artist.
  • I am an experienced Director/Executive Producer. I am often on the other side of the table, working closely with Casting Directors while sorting through mountains of pictures, and making the crucial decision: which pile do they go in?
  • I know the power of a great headshot, and what it takes to create one for you.
  • I have worked as a photographer and as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator on numerous series, specials and films. I focus (pun intended) on you, capturing the truth before the lens. My technical and artistic skills are honed, not just by training and practice, but also by hours on set, and under pressure.
  • I understand what a “career concept” is, and the necessity of having your casting laser sharp. If you already have it nailed, fantastic! If you don’t, before we shoot, I will work with you to get a handle on both, so your clarity comes across in your headshots.
  • I have experience in numerous areas of the entertainment industry: stage, feature film, television, working with stunt performers, corporate media, advertising and publicity agencies for the major film and television studios. Your headshot needs will vary, depending on your targeted markets, and we will tailor your images to the current styles and requirements of each area of specialty.

For more about me and how I approach this work, click here to view my bio.

He brought out the best in me, and I’m a guy who absolutely hates being photographed. Geoffrey made me a believer.

Adam Sheck